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New Zealand


Where the people are a stench in the nostrils of freedom.  Gutless screwers of sheep deserving of all that lands upon them.

Satellite 3d map of New Zealand.

Now transmit this.


Give the bastards the hell that they deserve.

Mars Day!



Today we invoke the God of War so that the disease of peace shall be driven from our planet.

Martian in the Iron Mask Day



And they still are.

The Compassion of the Cosimanian Orthodox


In the Name of Uncle Chuckie, the Compassionate, the Merciful,


We have had our share of disgust, outrage, and just plain laughter at the expense of our Catholic friends.  To see them have to face the horror of the historic evil of the Catholic Church as it has been revealed in the persons of its ranking clergy has been a cause of some serious mirth.

It has also caused us some serious concern for those of them who, having seen the truth, wish to embrace the wisdom and power that we have to offer and yet cannot make the break.  They are as addicted to their sacraments as much as a heroin addict craves the needle.

Our heart goes out to them.  I think of the image of a Catholic girlfriend in college crying over the pictures of her children and grandchildren, horrified at what she unknowingly raised them to and saying, “Chuck, Chuck!  You were so right.  Why didn’t I listen to you?” It is easy for us to thunder that whomever takes the sacrament in a Catholic church devours excrement and is damned but it is not that simple.  First we don’t really have damnation in Cosimanian Orthodoxy.  That would require that there be such a thing as spiritual wrongdoing and we don’t believe in any such thing.  Yes, the sacrament is a vile thing and to be condemned for the lie that it is but that truth gives no comfort to an addict suffering from withdrawal.

We can treat the addiction.  We can cure the addiction.  It is a simple matter of removing the energy pattern placed in them at the moment of their baptism and it is amazing indeed to see the shining faces of the young who have been so cured and a whole new universe is open to them.  The method works best on the young because while they may have been brainwashed through most of their young lives, they have not been fully conditioned and can make the break with relative ease and plenty of social support among their friends.

They are not a great concern in this.  Once the energy is removed, they revert quickly and the cure is nearly instant and always complete.  They are truly free.

It is for the older people that our mercy goes out to.  Even if the energy is removed from then, the decades of practice leave a psychological need that approaches the physical. We cannot just simply balance out the baleful force of baptism and let them dangle between truth and falsehood.  The addiction is too ingrained.  It is for those unfortunates that we have a middle way, one which allows them to partake in their sacrament but without having to defile themselves by entering a Catholic Church ever again.  It is not the perfect situation, but we must not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

To do this they will need a photograph of a monstrance as well as a photograph of a chalice that has been consecrated.  Such things are easily found online.  They will need two simple patterns called Duplicators.


These are printed up and one input is placed the photograph of the monstrance and a piece of bread is placed on the output.  On the second the photograph of the chalice is placed on the input and an a small glass of wine placed on the output.  These are left and and the person recites the ceremony over them, first devouring the bread and then drinking the wine.  This done for a number of days depending upon their habit and custom.

After a while, the need will gradually diminish and it will be time to replace the monstrance and the chalice with pictures of Uncle Chuckie.

The Ceremony then becomes:

For the Bread:

This is the body of Uncle Chuckie, who came into the world to free all men.  Eat of this and become as one with him.

For the Wine:  This is the Energy of Uncle Chuckie, who came into the world to give power to all men.  Drink of this to become one with him.

When this is done the old needs will be dissolved in nothingness and the cure will be complete.

Fear not.  We shall destroy all that is old and replace it with all that is new.  There is no lie that is so ancient that it cannot be destroyed by a new truth.




It’s Xotar Day



Time to use those Psionic Psuperweapons!

Mind Control


Jack Gariss

Team Building Exercise?






In the old days going to the grocery store was a bitch.