Happy Destroyer Day

It is 61 years since I came home from school to find this comic book waiting for me.

If I were a young man…


I would create a band whose music was so incredibly bad that people would commit suicide just to stop hearing it.

Oh wait, someone did that. It was called The Beatles.



One of the mistakes people make when studying the Industrial Revolution is overmuch empathy for the working classes. It is important to understand that the industrial worker of that time was not human as we understand it. They were lower than animals, a form of robot, machines, barely as intelligent as the mills that they tended, incapable of feeling or understanding. They had but one justification for their existence and that was to tend the machines. Other than that, they were only good to be ground up for dog food. If one were to die, it was easily replaced and no loss to anyone.

However little they were paid it was more than they were worth.

However squalid their living conditions, they were better than they deserved.

Souless creatures from the pits of Hell, to be despised was too good for them.

A funny helmet story


In the summer of 1971 I headed down to Carbondale, Illinois, to enroll in Southern Illinois University, there to do my graduate schooling. To amuse myself I brought along this helmet and a radio, a large, what was called “military style” radio at that time and a patch cable because the earphones on the helmet actually worked at that time.

Anyway, I checked into the Holiday Inn and as there was some time before I wanted to have supper I set the radio on the desk and plugged in my helmet, just for the fun of it.

As my obvious wisdom would have it, I left the drapes of the window open. It was a first floor room and the window looked out to where my car was parked. And as luck would have it a family from the sticks was at the motel, enjoying their trip to the big city. They walked past my room, looked inside to see me with my helmet plugged into the radio and ran away, no doubt thinking that I was some kind of mad scientist doing a dreadful mind control experiment. Little did they know…

I had a good laugh, changed into a jacket and tie and went for supper.

Live not by lies


First Helmet Day


On this day in 1958, a few days after my 9th birthday, I solved a problem that had bedeviled me my entire childhood. I managed to make a crested helmet.

Now the crest was mostly in my imagination but I took an old, leather, little kid’s football helmet that I had had since I was three and added a pair of earmuffs to be earphones and a toy single headphone along the top. Why I had not thought of that years before is beyond me. But in my kid eyes it was the perfect spaceman’s helmet.

Happy Birthday To Me




Years ago I wrote that I had not seen hide nor hair of her online for some time. I did not know it but there was a good reason.

There is nothing more that needs be said. DING DONG, THE BITCH IS DEAD!

I just wish I had know about it when she went to her place in Hell so we could have thrown a party in honor of the event.

A Dog Tale


As most people who know me know, I’m a cat person. But I also like dogs. In fact I like animals so much that I have been known to spare a target to avoid the animals being collateral damage. Well, animals reciprocate.

One day shortly after Christmas in 1961, my mother, curses be upon her, and I were walking to the stores in town. We did things like back then because we had only one car and dad was using it to go to work. Given my mother’s ability to drive, it was just as well. Anyway, our shopping done, we were wheeling the little shopping cart that folks used then, and still do I’m told, home, a trip of a about a half mile I would guess. But it was very cold. We had no rational reason for even being outside!

A large german shepard appeared and pushed himself in between us and walked with us as we headed for home. He had a collar and tags, belonged to someone so not a stray. He was just out for a hike it seemed and decided to adopt us. He stayed between us as we crossed the railroad tracks and headed for the house. When we turned to go down our little sidewalk leading to the back door, he left and headed back from whence he came.

Obviously he had seen two somewhat crazy humans and decided that they needed guarding. When he saw us about to head to a house he knew we were safe and his task completed, he headed home.

Nice puppy.

It Began as a Joke


I have on more than one occasion on this blog made reference to Rod Dreher, blogger and author whom this week was actually accorded the honor of having his Benedict Option cited in a Supreme Court decision.

On July 10, 1010, he threw out a  joke in his blog about the Cosimanian Orthodox.  I don’t think he expected me to run with it but I did.  It touched more than my funny bone, it also actually got me thinking about my ideas as a replacement for Christianity.  After all, if Christianity has run its course and is on the downward slope something is going to have to replace it and none of the existing candidates are worth their weight in cold horse shit.

Besides, being the next Great World Teacher sounds like being kind of fun.