In the fall of 1970, I took a philosophical ethics class, for Satan alone knows why but it was fun being the only Nihilist in the class of six. Back in the pre-Roe days, when abortion was discussed and not being screamed about, the question came up and I was definitely pro-abortion. NOT pro-choice. I don’t believe there should be a choice.

Anyway, one of my classmates asked me if, “I believed that abortion is taking human life.” He was surprised at my answer, I think.

“Yes, I believe that abortion is taking a human life. Have you ever known me to object to that?”

Fifty years later that is still the best argument. If human life has no value in and of itself there is no reason to object to abortion.

Happy Birthday to ME! (and something extra)


Today I am 72. That is two years longer than my alloted three score and ten. It has been a nice, quiet day with the usual pile of birthday greetings on facebook including, mirabile visu, from my sisters-in-law! Donna and I went out to Pallas for lunch and then to Target to shop for my birthday present, underwear which I have been in real need of. We also picked up a pair of cheap walkie talkies, something we used to buy on a regular basis.

Well, I put the batteries in and realized why 9 volt batteries have largely gone out of fashion. The clips do not fit easy and I had to use my adult muscles to force them Then I had to replace the cover and put the little screw in. I realized why I did not bother with the screws but I got them in and tested the gadgets.

They work and I realized something. I had two working magick wands.

Think about it. The energy goes from the palm chakra to the amplifier in the toy and then is sent out the antenna.

Ok, no big deal. I’ve been working with that for what? 60 years now? But, suppose you have little kid. A hand resonator is going to be just a box, but a walkie talkie, there is something he can relate to. He can turn it on, aim it and push the talk button and whammo. Something happens.

“Train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart therefrom.”

Well, this was a pain.


I tried to write a post for Survival Day and found I could not. I have no idea what happened to WordPress but for some reason I had to change my password because I forgot the old one.

Anyway, 19 years ago yesterday my body decided that I had lived too long so my gallbladder threw a stone, my pancreas tried to digest and failing, threw a hissy fit and digested itself. I should not have lived, but I did.

Now this is place I would like.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

Need I say more?


Once upon a time…



The P 80. It was a workhorse in Korea and remained in service well into the 1970s. Yes, it would seen service in Japan but the war sort of ended.

Never in my adult life


Have I performed an action because someone else thought it would be moral to do so. Nor have I have refrained from an action because someone else thought it would not be moral.



The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, living down to its reputation for journalistic stupidity, and doubtless having run out of stories of mistreated black millionaires, ran a headline “Concern over loons in Wisconsin.” I can assure the editorial staff of the Journal-Sentinal that as a long as we have the Governor and the State Legislature that we have, there will never be a shortage of loons in Wisconsin.



The aborted baby will never grow up to be:

A drug dealer

A prostitute

A thief

A rapist

A murder

A pedophile

A politician

And most of all, a clergyman.

Legalized abortion was one of the best things that ever happened.