Sometimes they just hand them to you.


Here we see two Princes of the Church, proving for all to see that the Know-Nothings were right.  The strange looking person sitting is Cardinal McCarrick who has created a bit of a stir by being caught canoodling with the seminarians.  Naughty naughty Cardinal McCarrick.  He is expressing surprise at Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago, is handing him what is called the “Spirit of Francis” award.  In keeping with the Spirit of Francis towards the laity. it depicts a priest shoving a fist up the ass of some poor choirboy.

What is not showing in the photo is the inscription, “Screw them!”

Cardinal McCarrick is saying at this moment, “Holy Tom of Finland. Blase!  Where did you find that thing?”

Cardinal Cupich responded, “At the vendor floor of International Mister Leather.”

It now sits proudly next to the Golden Fist with Crisco Clusters given a few years back to McCarrick by M.A.F.I.A.  (Mid American Fists in Action, a gay male fisting club based in Chicago.)

For those of you not initiated into the mysteries, Gay Leather clubs are always giving awards to each other, living under the illusion that, like the stupid awards the Entertainment industry gives to each other, they somehow matter.  As the Catholic Church is just a large, gay organization it is to be expected it would do the same thing.

Of course the most coveted is the Shrieking Choirboy which is usually only given to the Pope.



Md. Pele vs Uncle Chuckie


It was not much of a contest, just a worthless volcano goddess who reigns over a few islands against the Lord of the Universe.

In the 1980s my next door neighbors, a nice, older couple whom I had known since near infancy, took a once-in-their lifetime trip to Hawaii.  Like all tourists they were given the warning not to touch, much less bring home, any volcanic rock they may find laying around.  And, like all tourists, they ignored the warning and brought home beautiful hunk of volcano.

Ok, they probably should have listened but once they got home bad things happened.  I think Hank fell and broke something.  In any event, they were seriously unhappy and did not quite know what to do.

When they told me this, I said, “Loan me the rock for a few days and I’ll fix it.”

They were not sure how I could do this but Little Charles, who was anything but little by then, could do anything in their eyes so they got the rock and handed it to me.

I took it into the lab and set it down on a sheet of aluminum foil which I then used to wrap the rock, making certain that not a smidgen of it was exposed.

Having done that, I hooked the foil to a patch cable with an alligator clip at one end.  I plugged that into the input of a radionic box.

I took the rate for the energy of the rock.

I moved the plug to the output jack and balanced the rate.

As I had touched it, I filled the sink with cold water, put my hands in the water visualizing anything that had gotten into me from the rock going into the water and then let the water run out of the sink.

It took about five days for all the energy of the rock to be neutralized.  I took it off the machine, unwrapped it, gave it back to the neighbors who had it decorate a shelf in their living to the end of their days with no further difficulties.

Of course I was amused at the idea that a mere goddess would be a problem for me!



dead “refugees.”

If the hurricane does not get them the earthquake will.

Psionic Free Fire Zone


free fire

Not saying what it is but ya’ll have fun now.

How to celebrate Destroyer Day


In the beginning it was a bit of a joke.  I needed a holiday and the anniversary of getting one of my favorite comic books was just too good to resist.  It meant I had a reason to wear a cool helmet.

As the years have gone by and it has become one of the holiest days of the Cosimanian Orthodox calendar, people have asked me how to commemorate it.  Here is the method.

You will need one radionic box.  The Vampire Box works best but any radionic box will do.

You will need a witness of yourself and a picture of an atomic bomb going off.

If you are using the Vampire Box, all you need do is place the photo of the explosion in the transmittal well and your witness on the top plate.  Then hit the switch and let it run, putting energy of the blast into your psychic body and thus you feed upon it.

If you are using a tunable box, place the photo of the explosion on the input plate, set the rate for that and then place the witness of yourself on the output plate.  If your box has an amplifier, just turn it on.  If not, let it sit as you feed off the energy of the blast.


Destroyer Day!!!


invisible destroyer

Hooray!  Hooray!  It’s Destroyer Day!



Never forget.

Never forgive.


Let’s Ride!



They do well


In burning Nike shoes.  They would do better if they burned them while the people were wearing them.

That should send some eyebrows rising. he he he

69 Glorious Years!


A wonderful birthday.

Donna and just got back from dinner at the local restaurant we go to and are nicely stuffed.  My facebook page is covered with birthday greetings, a lot them from people I actually know and I bought myself a new charger for the car battery.  Assuming I can get the hood up with some degree of regularity I can just leave this one plugged in overnight and not have to go out in the frozen darkness at 2 in the morning to run the car when the weather goes well below zero.

Blood and Souls for Uncle Chuckie!