Behold the head of a feminist.



Are good for only two things.

First, transplant parts.  Us boomers are getting up there and we need replacement parts.

Second, being ground up for dog food.

Other than that they are completely useless pieces of human shit and there is no reason why anyone would care what they think or say about anything.

How to humiliate China


China and the mainland Chinese are hypersensitive to anything, which means they are great fun to make fun of.  But the one thing that they are super hypersensitive to is anything about their pack of cowards called the People’s Liberation Army, which would not last five minutes in battle against a regiment of Syrians.

So, it you want to really get the Chinese goat, go after their army, which is so brave they will not even fight India.  But they run away good.  The French could learn from them.

Destroyer Day


invisible destroyer

60 years.

60 years ago this day I came home from school to find this comic book waiting for me.  How could a 10 year old child know that it would so determine the course of his life.

This is a sacred day.  The day we feed off the destructive power of the atom.

Happy Destroy Day.



in 1959, I wore a Steve Canyon helmet and looked back on, well, I didn’t look back then.  I had only the future to look forward to.

In 1969 I had seen men stand on the Moon and approached adulthood, at least chronologically.

In 1979 I celebrated being 30 and took my girlfriend to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner.

In 1989 I hit 40, and walked in my back yard wearing a white fright wig with a cane, practicing to be old.

In 1999 I was married and living in Wisconsin and playing with large knives.

In 2009 I was starting to notice that I was not moving as fast as I used to.

Now it is 2019 and I have reached my three score and ten.  I would like to just relax but there are still too many battles to fight, too much chaos to create and a world that is yet to be enslaved.


I have no idea



What that is but it sure looks cool.

Ten years!


Great Me Almighty!  I’ve been doing this blog for ten years now.  How to feel old really fast.

Well, today’s word of wisdom from Uncle Chuckie:

Hold none to be better than yourself.

Time for some fun.



Ok, first we take the Pride Flag.

Now we take a chaos mine.


Ok, print these up.

Now, take a radionic box.  Put the chaos mine on the input and the pride flag on the output.  Set the rate and let it go.  I have no idea what that will do but it should be good for a laugh.


This should raise some hairs



Proudly engaged in the struggle to cleanse the Earth of all indigenous peoples.

I am pro abortion


Notice I did not say “pro choice.”  I do not believe that women should have a choice about anything.  I am pro abortion because I hate children.  Children are noisy, expensive nuisances of no value whatsoever and as we look forward to physical immortality for ourselves, something we will be infinitely better off without.