Now that I have your attention…

I am NOT pro life by any defintion of the word. And if anything I am anti-life, especially of the human variety.

Back in college, 50+ years ago, a few years before Roe, I took a philosophical ethics class, mostly just for the fun of it and I really liked the professor, Dr. England. Anyway, one day the subject of abortion came up and I was pro-abortion. Not pro-choice. I did not think and do not think now that most women should get a choice. Also, there was the matter of logical consistancy. The Vietnam War was raging and I was very much a hawk. If I did not care about raining flaming napalm on children I was not going care about them being untimely ripped from the womb.

Anyway, some asked me, “Do I think that abortion is taking human life?”

I answered in typical Chuck fashion, “Of course I think it is taking human life, but has anyone ever known me to object to that?”

I love to reduce people to sputtering.

Anyway, I have a minor correction to make. I don’t not believe a foetus is a human life and I do not believe that it is until it is born. It is a parasite, a glorified tapeworm, it feeds off its host, the mother. And its removal is merely the removal of a parasite, with no more moral implications than cutting out a botfly.

So of course I expect that there will be people who will expect me to teach about how to perform a psionic abortion. I fear they will be disappointed. I don’t do medical. But I will say this. There is a lot of material out there on using radionics to remove parasites and it should be adaptable to removing these.

And that is all I’m going to say.

Memorious Day, er, Memorial Day, er Labor Day


Ok it’s the First Day of Summer so it should be Memorial Day. It’s a day set aside to barbecue in the back yard and watch baseball. Oh, and there is that car race too. It used to be called Decoration Day and people would go to cemetaries and put flowers on the graves of their dead relatives but that got really dumb and people stopped. Then for a time there were parades. After WW2 there was alwasy a Memorial Day parade because, well, it gave the local veterans a chance to march in their old uniforms and stop for a drink along the parade route.

When I was young our house faced the street they marched along and every Memorial Day we would sit on the porch and watch the procession. Of course as the years went by the veterans were not processing as well as they had been and the stops at the bars along the route were showing. The last parade we saw was in 1971 and it was pretty pathetic. After that they played with the holiday and no more parades which was just as well.

The Vietnam War was going and well, to be honest, folks did not think very much of the WW2 vets. It seemed that they enjoyed their war so much they just could not wait for their own sons to be shot it. There was something about the OFFICIAL veterans that was just, well, smarmy. The real combat veterans never marched in the parades. They just wanted to forget the war and get on with their lives and keep their own sons out it. The marchers pretty much never saw combat. They just pushed papers, did vehicle maintence, and generally as Patton put it, shoveled shit in Louisiana. And then got drunk and bragged about how they had beaten the Japanese. They never set foot on an island.

They were a pretty comtempable bunch. The Dumbest Generation.

So we sat watching them march by and every year my father, who did not serve because he had a protected occupation making parts for the machine guns, would whisper in my ear, “Remember son, those were the damned fools that got shot at.”

Mother’s Day


The first Mother’s Day after mother died was a nice, warm day, unusual for early May and I went to the White Lotus Day celebration at the Theosophical Society. Then I came home, lay down on the couch and slept through a thunderstorm and a small tornado that went through the forest preserves on the other side of town.

It was a good day, to not have to deal with my mother.

There was nothing more that needed to be said.

Ding dong! The bitch was dead!



Well, the war has been going on for days now and I will speak boldly.

I don’t give a tinker’s damn about the Ukraine!

Russians and Ukrainians killing each other is nothing but foreigners killing foreigners. Other than the spectator sport value of the Russian military blowing it again I have absolutely no interest in it. I have no more interest in it than in two countries in Africa going at it. All the fuss is just a ridiculous waste of time and money.

Mars Day


Dedicated to the God of War.

Martian In the Iron Mask Day


Today we celebrate a comic book villain, the Martian In the Iron Mask. When I was eight years old this character introduced me to the wonders of mind control and set me on the course I would follow all my lafe.

Xotar Day


62 years ago I got this comic book. It literally changed my life in ways I could not begin to imagine.

This could be fun!


This is Lilith. She is the patron demon of Feminists. She also kills pregnant women and devours their infants.

This is Texas.

This might be fun to watch.

Senator Manchin


Of all the oddness of this political year, the rise of Senator Manchin to role of the elegant arbiter has been the most fun. Unmoved by Presidential tears, the whining of the press and the thug tactics of the Progressives he has become the moveable thorn in the flesh to the Left and people wonder why he has not just crossed the aisle to become a Republican.

Why should he?

If he becomes a Republican, it cannot hurt him in a state where he is the last Democrat office holder and it would deprive the Democrats of their tie with Vice President Harris, otherwise affectionately known as Barbie Blowjob, being the deciding vote. If he does that, though, he loses his leverage.

The Democrats in West Virginia cannot vote him out in a primary. That would cause them to the lose the Senate seat to a Republican and they have no real constituency in West Virginia. With their kowtowing to the environmentalist scum they literally threw the state, with its whole economy based on coal, away. So the National Party has no leverage. If he becomes a Republican, he is just another Republican senator. He could no longer extort concessions like he can now.

He is in best of all possible worlds until 2023, when, if as expected, the Republicans bury the Democrats and have a true majority in both houses of Congress. Then he will just be another Democrat again.

When you stand


Beside one who is unjustly accused God and Satan, the Angels and Demons, the Sura and Asura, all stand together with you.

And if the mob attacks the innocent, the cosmos itself will strike them down.