By whose authority?

If there is any question that is certain to make me fall over laughing it is that particular one.  Think about it.  What is going on in the mind of someone foolish enough to ask that question in the first place?

Ok, we can leave legal stuff aside, but seriously, the question usually gets asked in a spiritual/moral context and the questioner is, by the nature of the question itself, operating under the assumption that there is an external, “higher” authority whose permission is needed for the given individual or group to act or speak in a certain way.  The assumption is self-evident nonsense.  No one needs any external authority to hold or promote any position or belief.

In matters spiritual or moral the individual is sovereign unto himself and the answer to the question is, very simple, “my own.”

You need no other and no other is binding upon you.


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3 Responses to “By whose authority?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Will you take an apprentice ?

  2. drpsionic Says:


  3. Shannon Russell Says:

    Yea, can I ad my name to that list? have you considered “Skype” classes or something similar?

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