What I want to do

One of the reasons I have been so hesitant to blog is that I really do not want to get into the petty squabbling that permeates the blogosphere, as it is called.  I dislike attacking individuals.  Not only is that unpleasant, but it is largely a waste of time as the person who is being attacked usually goes on with his or her life, all fat and happy the person who is doing the attacking is reduced to sputtering and wondering why nothing is working.  Witness the fundamentalist Christians screaming about Oprah and Tolle.  Has that cost them one penny of revenue, one listener that was not immediately replaced by another?

It is better to deal with ideas, to either support or oppose the ideas, sometimes the practices, but to leave the individuals alone.  We are usually all right more often than we are wrong and we gain nothing by blasting persons.  It is, as a frustrated Italian Futurist once shouted to his audience, better to throw ideas than to throw potatoes.


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