Facing the implications

One of the fascinating things about science, even mad, fringe science, is the way those who work in it react when they look out and see what effect their work may have upon the world.  Some spend their lives trying to sanitize it, spending endless hours in justification.  Others abandon the work altogether.  And some look the ramifications square in the face and keep working, knowing that the genie being out of the bottle, there can be no putting it back and no safety in pretending that it is not there.

Let us take a simple example–map dowsing.  And let us assume for the sake of the argument that it works and that anything, or anyone, can be found by simply taking a map (or a satellite photo) and a pendulum, finding two co-ordinate points and directions to work from and by drawing two lines on the map using that find the target, no matter what that target may be.  Ok, that is a very useful skill in finding a missing person, or an oil well drilling point.  It can also find a person in the federal witness protection program.

Can you hear the high-pitched shriek at that?

Welcome to reality.   Any skill, any knowledge does not exist in a vacuum.  And they cannot be controlled because once they are out there, anyone with the ability to use them will.  That is what scares the living daylights out of people, the fact that there is no safety, no security.

And that is why so often people hide from what they know.

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