Little Brother is watching back.

One of the things I find most amusing about the conspiracy circuit is how powerless they all see themselves as being.  And they could not be more wrong, for the very technology they fear, and rightly so, in the hands of the government is also in private hands and can make public officials very uncomfortable.

Consider the fate of the poor cops whom, thinking that no one was watching, planted evidence in an apartment laundry room and when questioned about that in court, of course denied it.  (How do you know when a cop is lying?  His lips are moving.)  And then the defense attorney asked, “Are you aware that there is video that contradicts your testimony?”

I would love to have had that poor, dumb pig wired to an electrocardiograph when the video of him and his partner planting the evidence was played in open court and they were getting their ticket to the stripey hole from which no pig returns.  End of case.  End of career, and with luck, end of lives.

Remember, everyone with a cell phone is wearing a wire.  All they need do is punch in their own home number and let the voicemail do the rest.   And there is nothing that can be done to stop it.

We are not helpless.  Stop being afraid.


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2 Responses to “Little Brother is watching back.”

  1. Robert Says:

    Did you know that Cops are legaly allowed to lie
    Strongly suggest you watch youtube under the catagorys of:

    Know your rights & police brutality

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