Something I posted on a forum today

Much of what is viewed as morality, particularly public morality, is the result of who won the war. Slavery is a bad thing, not because it is bad in and of itself, but because the Confederacy lost, for example. If the war had gone the other way, we could very well have McSlave Markets on every street corner by now.

Years ago, a fundamentalist neighbor and I were talking and I said that I had no rational reason to believe in his idea of Hell, as fervently as I could wish for some people to be there. He then gave a standard response that might actually work on a college freshman but not on a middle aged man and asked, “What about Hitler?” To which I immediately responded, “If Hitler had won the war you would be asking that about Roosevelt and Churchill.”

He literally sputtered. They never taught him a response to that in Sunday School. The notion that a person is considered evil merely due to an accident of history just never entered his mind.

Might does not merely make right, very often it defines it. And it defines how we even approach the problem because once something permeates a culture it becomes the centerpiece of thought on a given matter.

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One Response to “Something I posted on a forum today”

  1. Shannon Russell Says:

    Freaking-A-Right! And people laugh at my zombie policy.

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