Rev. Ike

Let us shed a tear for the passing of a great man.  And I know that when I write that people will think that I’ve taken leave of my senses, but Rev. Ike, whatever faults he may have had, was a truly great man who had a truly great message.

It was simple.  “You can’t lose with the stuff I use!”  Coming from the overblown, hyperventilated rhetoric of the Black Church, which causes whites who see it on the news to view it as a collection of psychotics gathered into a freak show with a pastor dressed like he bought his costume from a Vatican rummage sale and the congregation shouting “Amen!” at every opportunity while the chief deacon is biting the heads off of chickens in a corner somewhere, it was a message that set the teeth of the theologians on edge.  How dare this man pervert the message of Poor Jesus to make people hope they could be prosperous?  Or worse, to even dare to think that God might actually want them to be happy!

They call it the “Prosperity Gospel,” and condemn its proponents to damnation and hellfire.  It is easy for them to do that, sitting in their comfortable offices, secure in their tenure, their books selling, their lives safe and comfortable.  What was it they were called?  Scribes and Pharisees comes to mind but I’m litte rusty on my Bible.  But the message of Rev. Ike and his successors made life a lot easier for the people who listened.  It gave them a reason to make their lives better, it gave them permission to make their lives better.  It told them that no matter how bad things looked, the God they believed in actually cared about them in this life and wanted them to be happy.

Oh the horror of it all.  People being happy!  People being prosperous.  But if there was ever a Christianity that was worth listening to it was that of Rev. Ike, not that of his detractors, telling everyone to be poor for the good of their souls while sitting in a restaurant in Paris.

Peace to his memory and may he rest comfortably in Abram’s Bosom.  As for his detractors, let us hope that there is a warmer climate awaiting them for if there were people who deserve Hell, they are truly among them.


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2 Responses to “Rev. Ike”

  1. Brigandscholar Says:

    I worked for this cruel, x-military xtian who told me in meanness that he believed Jesus saved/redeemed his soul or something like that. He also had a trophy rack of steer horns mounted in his garage which I believe served as his personal link to Satan, although he was ignorant of his own motives. He went to this Baptist church, Highland, which was a basic spin off of the Baylor Baptist Collage. I remember being dragged their by a pot head buddy and having to sit through some nut job video where this fat guy with a black mustache is ranting and raving about UFOs having something to do with demons or spiritual warfare.
    There’s something they all seem to do where they close their eyes, hold their hands in the air and ‘feel the spirit’. I think they’re simply activating their heart chakra as opposed to communing with the ‘holy spirit’. Some times, I confess, I do drink spirits, but I do not consider them to be holy at all. Hell-o-loo-ya!!! Everybody can feel that!

  2. drpsionic Says:

    The whole thing about UFOs and demons is something new they’ve come up. They even had a whole symposium at Roswell in July on it.

    It seems to be more related to the Solar Plexus chakra. I don’t think many of the ranters even have a heart chakra.

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