So these two Russian submarines sail into a bar…

The news is always good for a laugh.  In this case it provides us with a Russian joke:

“Gospodin Medvedev, is having good news and is having bad news.  Good news is we having two submarines off US coast.  Bad news is we only having two submarines that can make it to US coast.”

Ok, nasty fun aside, I have a hard time taking that little bit of news seriously.  So the Russians decided to play a juvenile game with a couple of submarines–so what?  They cannot do anything.  All they can do is sit there and the tourist boats can use them as an added distraction for their passengers.   And the reason they do not matter is that there is not going to be a war between Russia and the US,  no matter what some idiot bible-thumpers keep saying.  A war between two major nuclear powers makes no sense.

Besides, there is too much money to be made by avoiding it.  This submarine thing is just another stunt by the Russians who keep jumping up and down saying, “We are a super power, we are a super power!”

Fine, you’re a super power.  Now let’s get back to doing business and stop this nonsense because no one outside of Fox News is impressed very much.

Though it does give us something else to joke about.



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