In praise of cloudy days

Today is cloudy, warm, humid.  The radar shows a huge green and yellow glob on the way which means it is going to rain.  It is not a day that is normally associated with a happy summer.

Summer is supposed to be bright and sunny and hot.  But the sun and the heat gets monotonous after a few days.  The glare of the sun becomes an annoyance and one ends up wearing welder’s goggles to keep it out because ordinary sunglasses just are not strong enough.  The persistant greenery, so welcomed at the end of dead winter is now verdant boredom.

Clouds change that.  The air becomes grey with the sky and the brightness is gone.  The lingering gloom, fortelling the horror we call November, is actually welcome as a change from the incessant brightness and its demand to be cheerful.

It is a day for brooding, for planning, for sitting in the lab and coming up with something new to play with.

Cloudy days are productive.



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