The Gods at War

Wisconsin has three patron deities, Inebrius, the God of Beer, Obesitus, the God of Fat and Fromagia, the Goddess of Cheese.  It seems that Inebrius and Obesitus are fighting it out and we are having really bad thunderstorms because of it.

It all began with Bummer-erSummerfest which, for some reason, did not see the expected rise in beer sales.  This cause Inebrius to become unhappy and he vowed to take it out on Obesitus, who is the patron deity of the creampuff concession at the Wisconsin State Fair.  So, in order to demolish creampuff revenues, Inebrius has been throwing storm after storm at the Milwaukee area making it not merely undesirable, but downright dangerous for people to go to the Fair.

I hope they settle this soon.  We want to go see the pitchmen.

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