Psionics Against Censorship

Ok, if anyone asks, “What gets Uncle Chuckie so mad that his face turns bright red, his blood pressure rises to dangerous levels and it is not safe to be in the same room with him?” the normal answer is dinner being late.  Right behind that is censorship.  I’ll be honest, the very concept makes me hopping mad, so angry that I cannot even read stories about it because I become so angry that I cannot concentrate on anything but an overwhelming desire to kill.

Now, as everyone who knows me knows, if I do not like something I do not just sit around and complain like impotent Russian intellectuals but rather I get off my fat ass and fix it!  And that is where psionics comes in because you see with psionics, we can make censorship literally impossible.  You see, censorship is based on the peculiar notion that one group of people has the right to decide what other people can see, read or even think, which is why they are trying to control what they see or read.

And  by using psionics we can kick their sorry asses to Hell!

With psionics we can broadcast images and ideas directly into the unconscious of any target, or group of targets and as the stuff gets in and sort of festers, it will grow in strength until it bursts out with unimaginable fury.  And it is very easy to do.

First, you have to decide two things.  Who is your target and what do you want to send to them.

Acquire a video that contains the stuff you want to transmit.  Next, you need a target witness.  Now, if you are broadcasting to the entire population of a given area, it is a simple matter to get a satellite photo of that area.  Go to Google Maps and get the map of the target.  Then switch to a satellite image.  Next, hit the Prt Scr button on your keyboard.  That will make a screen shot in your clipboard.  Bring up Paint and hit Edit/Paste.  Now you have the screen shot.

Next, use the editing tools to cut the photo of the target area out of the screen shot and hit Edit/Copy.

Hit File/New.  Do not save the existing image.

In the new window, hit Edit/Paste again.  Now you have your witness of the target area.  Print this out in an image small enough to fit onto the target side of your radionic box.

That is how you get the witness for any geographic area or even a specific building in many cases.  But suppose you want to target a given population grouping that has no specific geographic location.  That is very easy as well.  You use a thoughtform to do the heavy lifting.

To do this, first create a thoughtform that will broadcast anything you put into it to the target group.  Make a pattern that corresponds to the thoughtform.  That is your target witness.

Now it is time to go to work.  You will need as follows:

A psionic amplifying helmet or other headgear.

A patch cable.

A radionic box.

The target witness.

The video.

A playback device and monitor.

Put the target witness onto receiving side of the box and take a rate for it.

Plug in the helmet.  Put the helmet on your head.  (It really does work better that way.)

Turn on and watch the video.

That’s all that there is to it!  All that you have to do is watch and the equipment will do the rest, grabbing the information out of your psychic field and transmitting it to the target by way of the witness.  And the censors can scream and yell and stomp their impotent little feetsies.  There is nothing that they can do about it.

So if they object to porn, broadcast porn (especially to Iran).

If they object to violence, broadcast violence.

If they object to ideas that they do not like, broadcast things that enforce those very ideas.

“And when the day is come,

They’ll find that we have won.

We’ll dance upon the grave

Of the world they wished to save.”

I am

Uncle Chuckie


One Response to “Psionics Against Censorship”

  1. Shannon Russell Says:

    I will be doing something similar as as soon as I can get my light box built.
    I am going to be blasting the area that I deliver in with Pizza Hut images To bring in more business and therefor more money in my pocket.

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