We are not safe!

One thing someone learns from reading comment boxes on Beliefnet, aside from being able to type while laughing one’s head off occasionally, is why sensible people avoid religious discussions.

Seriously, you get folks who are all in favor of stoning gay people with stones but they can’t do that. Not only is it impolite but other people would become very angry with them. So, ok, just because the Bible says cities with large populations should be nuked does not mean anyone is actually going to do that because they don’t have the nukes to do it with the folks who do aren’t going to.

Ok, we can’t kill them and God won’t nuke San Franscisco, in spite of the fervent prayers of the congregation so the battle becomes how to relate to gays in real life. And this is a problem because the next door neighbors are a gay couple! Now, for this, Aquinas should be the perfect source because if anyone had experience living with gays it would be a monk! But Aquinas was a medieval nutcase who is really impossible to take very seriously if you actually read him.

So along come the dueling Bible verses. And after a bit that one realizes why God created gays in the first place, to demonstrate why one should not take religious reasoning too seriously but rather view it as a peril to civil peace and safety. First they throw verse, then they throw theology, then they throw rocks and finally someone is trying to get his hands on a nuclear warhead and throw it at San Francisco!

We are not safe with these people running around loose.

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3 Responses to “We are not safe!”

  1. Ralph Says:

    Hey…This is a bit off subject, but I couldn’t find another way to contact you. (Maybe Facebook, but it’s blocked at work).

    Anyway, I was wondering if you have done any experiments using the spiral symbol. Specifically, in a similar way as used in Harry Stine’s Mind Machines book.

    I did the initial experiment as described in the book with good results.

    I’m doing further testing soon using resistance equipment.

    I respect your work and am curious on if you have experimented with it. I haven’t found reference in your books, although, I have a hunch that the spiral’s effects might be enhanced from many of your amplifier patterns.

    Thanks for your time.

    • drpsionic Says:

      Yes, I’ve used the spiral patterns. Stine’s book is a particular favorite of mine and the reason I never bothered to mention them in my books is that his covers the patterns so thoroughly that I never saw a need to.

  2. danimal Says:

    i’ve felt that my health is in decline for the past two years since a bad experience on a farm….i read stines book and tested the spiral today….to my surprise my mom tested normally but i tested stronger on the right hand spiral! And so now i’m confused. Do i want to make the stronger spiral the one i end with or should i try to end it with the left handed one, the one most ppl are supposed to end with?

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