The Joy of Apathy

Someone once asked me what the three most powerful words are in the English language.  I’m sure that the question was rhetorical in that I cannot imagine anyone even asking such a thing without having an idea of the answer that they were expecting but I do know this.  The person was most definitely not expecting the answer I gave.

“I don’t care.”

As the person looked at me absolutely shocked, I said, “No, I really don’t care.  I could not care less what the three, or four, or five most powerful words in the English language are.”

Well, that was one time I really do wish I had a picture of the person’s face.  But the fact is that not caring is something people should practice on a regular basis as it is a very liberating thing to do.  Caring implies an obligation, it is the key that people will use to get you to do things you do not want to do and part with money you would rather spend on more interesting things.  By not caring, and saying that you do not care, you free yourself from that obligation.  You can go your merry way and not be bothered.

And not being bothered is a good thing, as well as watching the other folks as they sputter which is always fun.  That is the great blessing of apathy.  It frees your mind as well as your soul.   It strips others of their power over your soul.

Apathy is the weapon against which there is no defense.  It is the wall that is unbreachable.  Apathy is the firewall of the soul.

Remember, the more you know, the less you care.



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