The Culture War is over the Social Conservatives have lost

I don’t think the Social Conservatives really had much of a chance in the first place and that their war was lost after World War I. If one reads popular fiction from around 1870-1880 it is like looking into the lives of Martians. And when that world collapsed at the end of the First World War, it was as if a house of cards fell down.

Now, it took a long time for it to completely fall. It did not collapse in one massive kaboom, like the people living in the time thought it did, but rather it fell in sections, one after the other and by the 1970s there was really nothing left but the frame and that went. The 1960s were really nothing but a strong wind blowing away the debris. The present day Social Conservatives largely came out of that but if you look for any successes on their part, well, I can’t find any. And gay marriage, the last fight left it seems, is going against them as well because it only takes a few more states to ratify it and the federal courts will have to make it legal nationwide if only for the purposes of commerce.

If you look at the others, No fault divorce is not going away. There aren’t enough votes to elect a dog catcher on that. Non-marital sex and contraception are surrounded by a fortress and it is really almost pitiful to read those who think that they can be stopped; as well to demand that the Sun stand still in the heavens. Abortion is probably safe for another generation and the arguments against stem cell research have gone the way of the Flat Earth and the encyclicals of Leo XIII. There really is no serious battle that the Social Conservatives have engaged that one can see where they have not only won, but even made any headway at all. The defeats have not only been ingnominious, they have have been crushing.

In 1992 Irving Kristol wrote that the Culture War was over and the other side had won. He was right. It had won the war a long time before and all that has been left are the mopping up operations.

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