I’m old today!  Hooray hooray!

Hey, it’s better than the alternative.

So what have I learned in my 60 years?  To not worry about what I’ve learned.  Really, people spend so much time worrying about that sort of thing that they forget to enjoy living.  So a few words of wisdom from one of greying hair:

Never miss an opportunity to laugh, especially at the foibles of others.

Never miss an opportunity to laugh at yourself.

Never worry about being consistent.  Consistency is for sauces.

Rules are for breaking along with the heads of those who make them.

There is no argument that cannot be settled by hitting the other person in the face with a pie.

And never, ever forget that Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania.



3 Responses to “60!!”

  1. professorhex99 Says:

    Oh Eurasia, and Oceania, will you ever learn?

    Happy Birthday Uncle Chuckie!

    Here’s to at least another 60 years of mayhem, and villiany!

  2. zaramad Says:

    Happy Birthday Uncle Chuckie! And as my Polish ancestors used to sing, “Sto lat!” (Live for 100 years!)

  3. drpsionic Says:

    Well, now that is only 40 more years. Let’s try for about 1000.

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