Another Dead Kennedy Media Side Show


I suppose I should say something about the death of Edward Kennedy, after all, everyone else is.

I was no fan of his. In fact I have often said that it was a tragedy that he did not go down with the car. I would go so far as to say that the only decent thing he ever did as a Senator, aside from appearing on the floor of the Senate in his underwear holding a whiskey bottle (hey, I saw it on Howard Stern!), was keeping Mad Dog Bork off the Supreme Court. So this is not going to be about him. It is going to be about the media coverage around his death.

Let us be honest, who, outside of the Media, and his overly large family, really cares that he is dead? Ok, his staffers and the family retainers and the thousand people they hired to look at his body and then get back in line and do it again ten times? The answer is, very few. But our friends in the Media keep insisting for some reason that we should.

No, we don’t. In fact in a couple months no one will even notice that he is gone.

But the Media won’t get it and they will continue to cover the occasional helicopter crash over New York as though it is something that actually matters, when nothing that happens on either coast does, except, of course, for the comic relief it may provide for the rest of us.

But as always, the stories will raise the same question, “Oh God! Who cares?”


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