Fun with idiots

Every once in a while an offhand comment will result in something totally hilarious. This one really was and one time when I was lying in the hospital with my body trying to decide whether it should die or not, the nurse came in to find me laughing. I had, for some reason, remembered this:

Back in the early 80s I was at my girlfriend’s home sitting in the living room with her and her mother as we were just marking about an hour until it was time to run out and see a movie. Well, as her mother sat with her shoe box of store coupons we watched what was probably THE MOST DREADFUL television miniseries ever. In fact, if I remember, it was the one that killed the genre (for which I’m sure the director will sleep in Abram’s bosom). It showed Robert Mitchum, in the worst performance of his life, as an American diplomat in pre WW2 Nazi Germany. Of course he is a good guy and the Nazis are the bad guys. We know the Nazis were the bad guys but was it necessary to keep reminding us over and over again?

Anyway, there was this scene where the Hitlerjugend go marching by singing Hitlerjugend songs and I made the comment, a true one, that that was the reason I was never in the Boy Scouts (my parents wisely realized that there was little difference). My poor girlfriend was startled, her mother nearly dropped dead in her coupons. Well, how was I to know that her brother and been an eagle scout (and how he still managed to grow up with a brain is one of the greater mysteries) her mother a den mistress and her father was a Scoutmaster (I knew there was a reason I did not like him!)

Well, they recovered and when I went home that night I laughed so hard that I could hardly keep the car straight and when I got home and told my mother, she nearly burst something, it was so incredibly funny.

And it still is! I will never forget the look on that poor, idiot, old woman’s face.

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