So how does a person into psionics and radionics observe this Day of Wrath, during which we make sacrifices to the Gods of Vengeance and call down the power of the heavens on the godless musselmans?

Well, there are the traditional methods, printing up pages of the Koran and using them to shine your shoes, or putting them on the doormat and inviting your neighbors to share your respect for the sons of the prophet. And of course one must eat pork.

But with radionics we can do something else.

What I do every year on this day is very simple. I set up a radionic box as follows. I put a picture of a hog on the transmittal plate, set the dials to the rate for the essence of hogness, that which makes the pig unclean in certain parts of the world, and then put a photo of the Kaaba in Mecca on the output plate and let it run.

Let it be unto them as it was unto the Land of Midian in Numbers 31.


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