911 part two

The aftermath became too absurd to take seriously. Two weeks later we were at the Slosh and they were running that telethon for, whatever they were running it for, and our group had a great time making fun of the badly dressed country and western singers, some of whom made BDSM folk look like fashion plates by comparison. Of course the denizens of one of the other munch groups took things more seriously and when I ran into one of their leaders at a dungeon wearing more flags than a used car lot, I simply shook my head and asked him if it would not have been simpler to just have the damned thing tattooed on his forehead.

Of course we were all disgusted with Georgie Porgie for not just nuking the whole middle east and having done with it and one of our people came wearing a tee shirt with his face on it and the sentence, “Stop him from praying and persuade him to shoot!” And then we all sang a little dittie to the tune of Sink the Bismarck which had the refrain, “But Bush is doing nothing, he’s just praying to the lord. Well he’d better kill somebody ’cause we’re getting really bored.”

And then when they started those silly alerts every other week in designer terrorist colors, well, it was impossible not to just laugh at the whole thing. I remember saying to a neighbor, “When it hits Candy Apple Red–Sell.”

But what really steamed me more than anything else was that I could no longer put “International Terrorist” on my resume. I mean, I had a great schtick going and those idiots with dishtowels on their heads ruined it! And for that I will never forgive them.

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