The influence of naval firepower upon history

It was a small thing. The King wanted a divorce but the Pope would not give it to him. So good King Henry said, “Fine, I’m taking over!” and as a result of that England acquired a navy, a very big and powerful navy that grew with each successive and successful war.

So now we fast forward and in the year that Galileo died, Sir Isaac Newton was born, and by the time he was through it no longer mattered what any Pope thought about anything.

But the reason for that is not because Sir Isaac was a great scientist and mathematician. He was protected by the guns of the British Navy and it did not matter what the Pope or his various choir-boy-passing bishops thought about it because there was not a God damned thing they could do to stop him.

And out of Sir Isaac and the scientific climate he created the Enlightenment was born, to the lasting horror of the psycho-loons who still object to it.

But it does not matter what they think. They don’t have the guns to do anything about it either.

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