Massed armor is dead

Fear the Reaper.

Here’s the scenario, a battlefield somewhere and one side has massed over 2,000 amored fighting vehicles. And out of the sky come a thousand armored drones. In the space of minutes, there are 2,000 smoldering wrecks and maybe a dozen shot-down drones. The drone is small, hard to hit and can fire out of range of the anti-aircraft missles carried by the troops on the ground. The tanks are big, lumbering targets. And the drones carry no men. If one is destroyed, it is no great loss. The pilot simply moves to another one.

The drone will change the face of warfare in ways that we cannot yet imagine. Right now it takes time to train the pilots, but there is no real need for that to be the case in the future and the time will come when old people in nursing homes will sit at consoles and go to war, young people will come home from school and go to war, blowing the hell out of people in far-off lands from the safety of their living rooms.

A war that is totally bloodless for one side, total slaughter for the other. It is the way war was meant to be.


One Response to “Massed armor is dead”

  1. Brent Says:

    It reminds of a line from one of my favorite video games Deus Ex: “UNATCO teaches teenagers to fight when it still seems like a game, and look at you! You’re a killing machine!”

    UNATCO is the UN’s private army.

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