The Psychic Society

Something that I’ve always puzzled about is that since the great occult boom of the mid to late 1960s, there have been tens of millions of people doing psychic stuff, some on a regular basis, some occasionally, but all doing something. And the question that comes to mind is what effect that has had on society.

And the answer may be found not in macro events, there are not that many of us who actively work in that arena, but rather in the attitude that folks have about their lives in general. People who do psychic stuff tend to feel more in charge of their lives and are just a bit more confident. After all, they can make things happen, even if it is only getting a parking space or make the traffic cop get killed by a cement truck.

The only problem is that there really is no effective way to measure this. Micro effects are just that, micro. But I think it is safe to say that in a cumulative way, the popular use of psychic ability has changed society. We just do not know how much it has.


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