invisible destroyer

Fifty years ago today it began. Take a look at the picture, the helmet, the covered holster barely just to the side of the title, and ball-knobbed lever activating the nuclear explosion. It was my entire visual pantheon as a child all in one place. I came home to see the comic book waiting for me and I could not wait to recreate that control panel in its glorious simplicity.

On that day, not thinking of the words, I truly “resolved to play the villain.”

It was a visual that stayed with me, an idea that stayed with me. The Psionic Amplifying Helmet with its Roman crest which so puzzled Carl Weschke, the psionics and psychotronics, the tepaphone, all have their roots in this image, seen for the first time this day in 1959. When I was a young magician, people were puzzled as to why, instead of trying to look like Al Crowley in drag, my magickal costume had a crested helmet and a covered holster. It goes back to this image.

And when I came up with the idea, oh so radical at the time, of sending forth the power of a ritual by the simple process of throwing a switch and turning on a light, it goes back to that image, the lever being pulled, the bomb going off.

It began on that day. It began with this picture.

It began with the Invisible Destroyer.


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