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Goodbye Geocities


I will miss Geocities. It was easy to use, so easy in fact that one could put together a very nice site and know absolutely nothing about coding and not be dependant on templates.

And best of all, it was free.

Now, it had a few drawbacks, like I sometimes had to watch what I was saying, but there were ways around that and all and all I was happy with it. But that is in the past now, the new site is up, running and I can do a lot more with it.

Still, let us shed a tear for Geocities. It made life a lot easier while it existed and for all its many faults, I will miss it.


Social Class and who is listening.


Class markers are fascinating things, especially in the North where class is very real and the divisions are more on cultural rather than economic lines (a rich truck driver is still a truck driver). So, for example, while the use of tobacco may put a person in the same catagory as a drunk staggering down the street on a Saturday night while drinking out of a paper bag, the presence of children is also a marker of people that are not the sort you would invite to your backyard barbecue. Going to church, any church, is a marker of the unintelligent and boring. Like union members, they are there, but they get the respect they deserve, which is none.

Ok, I’m having fun with it, a little, but class markers really do matter because they determine who is going to listen to what people have to say or even care if they say anything at all. For example, in creative circles, an atheist is going to be paid attention to. A practicing Roman Catholic, however, to us an example, is not even going to be regarded as even being a member of the human race and therefore his opinion is as of the squeaking of a mouse. Now, as the creative class is the cultural determinant of the broader culture, you can see where that leads.

The problem the social conservatives face really is one of social class. They cannot succeed because for all their degrees and publishing, they are nonetheless outside the pale and while they may persuade each other, no one outside of their circle is even listening to them. For all practical purposes they do not exist. You would not find anyone in an art gallery expressing a concern about the tender feelings of unemployed auto workers or losing any sleep over the latest ravings of a Bishop.

The despised classes get no hearing.

Why bother?


It may be the weather, it may be age, it is probably both, but the more I look at the world the less I want to bother with it. There are not that many battles that are even worth the trouble of fighting. So I’m going to stick to the things that matter to me, censorship, thought control, and not waste time worrying about Africa, for example.

We learn to choose our fights and only engage in the ones that we can win, or that even matter to us.

It will be done.


Back in the early 90s, CNN had a daytime talk show and one day they had as a guest some bizarre female with peculiar job description of “medical ethicist” who was talking about invitro fertilization. Now, as all intelligent people are in favor of that, it was a surprise that she would even think to question why anyone would choose that route to produce offspring if the more usual method did not work. But she did.

And then someone called in.

And the person who called in told the ethicist, in no uncertain terms, that she could take her objections and shove them because the caller was going to use it and could not care less what anyone else thought about the matter.

The look on the poor ethicist’s face was priceless. The dummy actually lived under the illusion that her opinion somehow would matter.

The lesson is clear. If someone really wants to do something, all the preaching in the world is not going to make one bit of difference. If something can be done, it will be done and words will not stop it.

Psionics Against Surveillance


This one either crosses the Rubicon or jumps the shark, I have no idea which cliche I’ve committed but it is going to be interesting one way or the other.

The Packers lost


Well, I watched my annual football game last night. I was rather hoping that Green Bay would win but of course they did not. They have a good quarterback but no offensive line and the coaching sucks. And, of course, it was monday night and the Packers rarely win on monday night.

Oh well, so much for football. I’ve had my momentary lapse of sanity and now I can go back to complaining about our weather, which is absolutely foul. November has come early this year.

Happy happy joy joy


Little Richard, Baby Boss, did not get his Olympics. Let there be rejoicing throughout the land! Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons and floggings in the bedroom!

And let the damned rainforests burn in 2016 to light the celebration.