Social Class and who is listening.

Class markers are fascinating things, especially in the North where class is very real and the divisions are more on cultural rather than economic lines (a rich truck driver is still a truck driver). So, for example, while the use of tobacco may put a person in the same catagory as a drunk staggering down the street on a Saturday night while drinking out of a paper bag, the presence of children is also a marker of people that are not the sort you would invite to your backyard barbecue. Going to church, any church, is a marker of the unintelligent and boring. Like union members, they are there, but they get the respect they deserve, which is none.

Ok, I’m having fun with it, a little, but class markers really do matter because they determine who is going to listen to what people have to say or even care if they say anything at all. For example, in creative circles, an atheist is going to be paid attention to. A practicing Roman Catholic, however, to us an example, is not even going to be regarded as even being a member of the human race and therefore his opinion is as of the squeaking of a mouse. Now, as the creative class is the cultural determinant of the broader culture, you can see where that leads.

The problem the social conservatives face really is one of social class. They cannot succeed because for all their degrees and publishing, they are nonetheless outside the pale and while they may persuade each other, no one outside of their circle is even listening to them. For all practical purposes they do not exist. You would not find anyone in an art gallery expressing a concern about the tender feelings of unemployed auto workers or losing any sleep over the latest ravings of a Bishop.

The despised classes get no hearing.


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