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Weather, happy happy joy joy


And I’m not being sarcastic.

There is something about Christmas that brings out the worst in people and I am no exception. There is just something too delightful in the thought of the orphanage burning down on Christmas Eve, or Scrooge waking up on Christmas morning with a hearty “Bah! Humbug!” and then going out with Marley’s ghost to break Tiny Tim’s other leg and throw him into the Thames before doing business with Bob Cratchet’s eldest daughter at her street corner office.

And tonight, one of the busiest travel nights of the year, the weather is horrid in the Midwest. Travellers are stranded at airports and will probably not be unstranded for days. Cars are sliding off the roads and in some parts the skeletoned remains of their occupants will not be found until June.

It is wonderful! I’m inside with my wife, warm and cuddly, our presents waiting to be wrapped tomorrow and put under the tree, our larder full to overflowing and the light from the computer monitors casting a delightful glow in the office/laboratory.

It is nights like that this that make it fun to be alive.


The Metaphysics of Second Life


Do Avatars have a soul of their own, your soul divided between you and them, or are just temporary constructs. If they have a soul that is part of yours, does that explain why events in Second Life cause joy and pain as much as they can in Real Life? And when we go offline, does the avatar go into a limbo state, still living, still existing, slouching away from Jerusalem, waiting to be born.

We are not dead, we who in cyber lie, and with electronic dreams, even death will die.

Do It!


The paranoid fools are paranoid fools. Do you wear glasses? Are you going to use a hearing aid sometime in you life? These are two examples of technology affecting how people live. It improves their lives. It always improves their lives.

There is only one way to deal with those people who object to using tech to make our lives better. Ram it down their throats!

Giggle time


Telling Uncle Chuckie not to do something is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It does not work and merely annoys the Uncle.

A New Experiment


As all Humanity knows, there are gazillions of people on Second Life. It is one of the great success stories of the gaming world. In little islands scattered around its virtual planet, there are places full of avatars all interacting.

Second Life is the world’s largest comic book, an interactive comic book.

And it is a wonderful thing. I’m going to create a new avatar specifically to teach radionics and psionics.

But it is also an amazing place for experimentation, psionic experimentation and that is because behind every avatar there is a living, breathing human, with living, breathing human emotions. And when their avatars interact the human emotions get thrown into the system and actually manifest in the energy of the sim, that can be felt by everyone present. Because Second Life has created a massive set of thoughtforms.

And these can be drawn upon.

Guess what I’m working on?

busy busy


I’ve spent almost the last week in frenetic activity on the computer, up early, to bed late, up early again. And until a couple hours ago had no idea why I was even doing it. It just seemed like something I needed to do.

Well, I figured it out. And if this project works the world will, quite literally never be the same.