A New Experiment

As all Humanity knows, there are gazillions of people on Second Life. It is one of the great success stories of the gaming world. In little islands scattered around its virtual planet, there are places full of avatars all interacting.

Second Life is the world’s largest comic book, an interactive comic book.

And it is a wonderful thing. I’m going to create a new avatar specifically to teach radionics and psionics.

But it is also an amazing place for experimentation, psionic experimentation and that is because behind every avatar there is a living, breathing human, with living, breathing human emotions. And when their avatars interact the human emotions get thrown into the system and actually manifest in the energy of the sim, that can be felt by everyone present. Because Second Life has created a massive set of thoughtforms.

And these can be drawn upon.

Guess what I’m working on?

One Response to “A New Experiment”

  1. Lesenthe Says:

    The shared mental space is something I’ve noticed, too. Because of the more interactive – or more easily interactive – nature of the game, it’s even more dramatic than the shared space you see on IRC. The fact that everybody’s visual of that space is the same adds to the effect, I think.

    What’re you planning? It sounds fun.

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