The Miracle of the Shopping Carts

Like most people, I was under the illusion that shopping cars came from factories.

Well, I was wrong.

A couple of years ago we had the winter from hell. It snowed and it snowed and no matter how many small children we sacrificed to Pazuzu it kept snowing. And the piles of snow kept growing around the grocery store parking lot.

Then spring finally came and the snow began to melt.

And a miracle happened. While we were freezing our rear ends off, and the wooley mammoth had come down with the glaciers to attempt to mate with the neighbor’s pickup truck (mammoth are notoriously nearsighted), shopping cars had been growing in the snow banks near the grocery store. As the layers of snow melted away, slowing a shopping car would appear out of the ice, and then when free, it would roll down and another cart would appear. And this happened all over the parking lot. Shopping carts just appeared out of the piles of melting snow.

So now you know the truth. Shopping carts grow in snow piles around grocery stores.


One Response to “The Miracle of the Shopping Carts”

  1. Shannon Russell Says:

    I can believe it.

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