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Moving on


One of the most interesting developments in my life in the last few years is the realization that I use my machines less and less. I mean, here I am, associated with radionics for over 30 years and I almost never even use the damned things except for clients and even then nowhere near as often as I used to. I don’t think I’ve put the helmet on more than three times in the last year and one of those times was to make a video.

Now it is mostly just sitting in a rather beat-up old chair in the living room and thinking. That’s it, just thinking.

I have moved beyond even my own creations.

So does that mean I say goodbye to radionics? No. It has served me well for a long time and just because I no longer use the instruments as I once did does not mean that others do not need them and the techniques associated with them. They remain, as they have always been in the 100 years since Doc Abrams first started playing with his Electronic Relations, tools of consciousness. And as tools they remain useful. But they are also only what they have always been, an extension of the consciousness, a solidified thoughtform as David Tansley put it. They are nothing in and of themselves, merely an extension of the operator, something to make the operator know that he is doing something.




Years ago, someone asked me how I could justify the sort of work I do with psionics and was rather surprised when I simply said, “I don’t.”

And, as she stood there mouth agape, I went on, “I don’t need to. After all, if it works, who can stop me?”

You have to understand that the trick works like this. Let us say that A objects to something you are doing. Now, if you try to justify your action, you have to do it on A’s terms, otherwise you are not going to persuade A of anything. But let us say that you do not give a hoot in hell whether A likes it or not. You have a tremendous advantage because A is now helpless. It ceases to be an matter of argument and persuasion and the only recourse is brute force, something A does not have. By pulling out of the debate you save yourself a whole lot of trouble. You can go your merry way leaving the folks who do not approve to sputter and stamp their impotent little feet.

In the end, moral justification is only the province of those weak enough to think that another person’s moral position could somehow matter.



When I began the Second Life project I never dreamt of the amount of time it would take. So now I am totally behind in my email because I’ve been looking at things and saying, “I’ll deal with that later,” and things keep getting later and they still need to be dealt with.

It is most embarrassing as I always prided myself on how fast I could respond to people.