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I wonder if she’s still alive


I just realized that it has been a long time since I’ve seen an attack on me by a deranged ex-girlfriend.

It was a long long time ago, a relationship went bad and I picked up the pieces and went on with my life. Pretty much forgot about her, except for the annual hate letter that always got photocopied and a copy left with a friend in the local police department, just in case I had to shoot her in “self-defense” as it were. But otherwise she was a face on an old photograph.

Then, one August, I got a truly lunatic missive from her, sent by priority mail no less, the ravings of a madwoman. Crazed, disjointed, accusing me of psionically stalking her since the relationship ended, as if I had nothing better to do with my time. I showed the letter to all my friends of course so they could join in the laughter and one day while having lunch in the local eatery I hung out at, my cop friend came in and I gave him a copy of it saying, “Just in case anything should happen to me.” He read it and asked if I needed a concealed weapons permit.

And then I forgot her again, dealt with a major personal crisis, got married and one day learned that she was having at me online. Well, it was fun, reading her fulminate and fume and tweaking her with my own website. And at the same time watching her mind disintegrate into a combination of hate and paranoia, I actually sort of felt sorry for her and praised whatever gods were looking out for me that the relationship ended and I did not end up married to the crazy bitch. I certainly felt sorry for the poor man who did marry her and came to the conclusion that it would have been kinder if I had allowed my Grandfather (an offical in the Teamster’s Union) to have them both killed like he wanted to.

The lunacy, there is no other word for it, continued for a number of years, her writing growing more and more strident, more frustrated, more, well, lunatic. She kept describing me as the Monster From the Pit, but the problem she faced is that I have worked very hard to have a public image as The Monster From the Pit, so it was sort of like water off a duck. I would forward the stuff to my friends and they would laugh with me at her.

And finally I decided that I had had enough. So I did start having fun with her. And I’m sure she could never quite figure out if it was a dream, or something else, of me standing by her bed saying, “You don’t even want to think about what I have planned for your daughter.”

Of course I had nothing at all planned for her daughter. If she is anything like her mother I would not want to be on the same planet with her.

Well, I googled her today and found nothing recent. Maybe her madness has finally caught up with her. In any event, I will miss feeding off that energy she wasted attacking me.


Lord Acton can stuff it.


Once upon a time there was a self righteous fool named Lord Acton, who said, in typical stuffy useless British fashion, “Liberty is not doing what you want. It is doing what you ought.”

Acton had it backwards, which is only to be expected given his period and background. Liberty really is doing what you want, not what some titled baboon or editorialist or pompous, wordy hypocrite pretending to be a farmer thinks you ought. This notion of something greater is pure brumagem. Who is to determine what is “greater?” And why the hell would anyone be so foolish as to listen to him? Such people only serve to find means to get everyone else either killed or poor or both, always for the good of their problematic souls or some bizarre notion of “civilization.” And they are deservedly ignored.

The genius of our time, its true saving grace and that which the future will bless us for, is the realization that nothing outside the self and its desires really is of any value, nor can it possibly be of any value. There is, in the end, no higher goal, no goal at all. Civilization and culture are nothing more than useful tools for individuals to enjoy their lives. External to the individuals who make them up they are no value.

Play God!


I never watch, or listen to, dialogues between scientists and religious nuts. Such things are an absolute waste of time. Religion has nothing of value to say on much of anything and even less to Science. And for Science to even acknowledge Religion is to lower itself into the gutter of human ignorance and superstition. There may be a place for religious sentiment in the mind of the scientist, after all there is always a place for wonder, but not when it comes to research. But as bad luck would have it my wife did and I walked in while the show was on.

So here they go again. The scientist is on a panel with a bunch of collar backwards yahoos including the obligatory child-buggering Catholic priest and the odd “ethicist” who knows about as much how science is done as my in-laws know about much of anything and the moderator, chosen for being qualified as a purblind total fool, asks the traditional question, “Aren’t you afraid of playing god?”

Lucifer have mercy!

Now, just once, I would love to hear, instead of the usual explanations and blather and moral justification, the scientist say, “Yeah, sure we are. But we don’t waste time worrying about it.” And as out of the stunned silence that would follow, when the next line, “That makes some people frightened,” comes forth, the scientist responds, “Let ’em be frightened. To hell with them. We aren’t going to be deterrred by the absurd imaginations of superstitious fools,” well, I would have a good laugh.

No serious researcher worth his lab coat is going to care about the ravings of such fools and it is high time the fools were put in their place–in the brothel that their mothers worked in.