Play God!

I never watch, or listen to, dialogues between scientists and religious nuts. Such things are an absolute waste of time. Religion has nothing of value to say on much of anything and even less to Science. And for Science to even acknowledge Religion is to lower itself into the gutter of human ignorance and superstition. There may be a place for religious sentiment in the mind of the scientist, after all there is always a place for wonder, but not when it comes to research. But as bad luck would have it my wife did and I walked in while the show was on.

So here they go again. The scientist is on a panel with a bunch of collar backwards yahoos including the obligatory child-buggering Catholic priest and the odd “ethicist” who knows about as much how science is done as my in-laws know about much of anything and the moderator, chosen for being qualified as a purblind total fool, asks the traditional question, “Aren’t you afraid of playing god?”

Lucifer have mercy!

Now, just once, I would love to hear, instead of the usual explanations and blather and moral justification, the scientist say, “Yeah, sure we are. But we don’t waste time worrying about it.” And as out of the stunned silence that would follow, when the next line, “That makes some people frightened,” comes forth, the scientist responds, “Let ’em be frightened. To hell with them. We aren’t going to be deterrred by the absurd imaginations of superstitious fools,” well, I would have a good laugh.

No serious researcher worth his lab coat is going to care about the ravings of such fools and it is high time the fools were put in their place–in the brothel that their mothers worked in.

One Response to “Play God!”

  1. Brent Says:

    I absolutely loved this.

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