Lord Acton can stuff it.

Once upon a time there was a self righteous fool named Lord Acton, who said, in typical stuffy useless British fashion, “Liberty is not doing what you want. It is doing what you ought.”

Acton had it backwards, which is only to be expected given his period and background. Liberty really is doing what you want, not what some titled baboon or editorialist or pompous, wordy hypocrite pretending to be a farmer thinks you ought. This notion of something greater is pure brumagem. Who is to determine what is “greater?” And why the hell would anyone be so foolish as to listen to him? Such people only serve to find means to get everyone else either killed or poor or both, always for the good of their problematic souls or some bizarre notion of “civilization.” And they are deservedly ignored.

The genius of our time, its true saving grace and that which the future will bless us for, is the realization that nothing outside the self and its desires really is of any value, nor can it possibly be of any value. There is, in the end, no higher goal, no goal at all. Civilization and culture are nothing more than useful tools for individuals to enjoy their lives. External to the individuals who make them up they are no value.

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