Happy Birthday to Me

Ah, what a wonderful anniversary of the birth of the greatest mind the world has ever seen. First I got the new laptop I’ve been needing forever and then Donna and I went out to dinner.

There is a wonderful, German restaurant in Waukesha, Weissgerber’s Gasthaus, and we had an appropriately wonderful meal. I had weinerschnitzel and she had a sampler plate, with a bunch of stuff which will feed her for several days. But more than the food, the environment was delightful. It is an old-fashioned place, with lots of dark panels and a huge, paned window in the main dining room, with paintings overhead and a large head of a large moose over the window. A civilized place for civilized dining.

So here I sit in my beat-up old chair in the living room, surrounded by the god-awful mess we live in, typing on my new laptop, resting on my lap next to my overstuffed belly.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. e-vile nephew chris Says:

    A most happy belated birthday to you, Uncle Chuckie! I just found that you put up your e-books for free download. That is a lovely present for the fans of your work!. Thank you. I will have another beer tonight in your honor…. not that I need a reasion to tip another beer!!

  2. hex Says:

    Ah! A belated Happy Birthday to you Uncle Chuckie! And thanks for helping me decide my lunch plans, Wurst it is!

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