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Remember the Kalends of October


Tomorrow is the first of October, the Kalends in the system of old Rome and while it is normally celebrated as the traditional birthday of Atilla the Hun, a tradition I created, it is also the anniversary of a good lesson to all who would seek to prosecute psychics, or any other prosecutor for that matter.

From Suetonius:

“There were no persons he was more severe against than jugglers and astrologers; end as soon as any one of them was informed against, he put him to death without the formality of a trial. He was enraged against them, because, after his proclamation by which he commanded all astrologers to quit home, and Italy also, before the calends [the first] of October, a bill was immediately posted about the city, with the following words:—”TAKE NOTICE: [713] The Chaldaeans also decree that Vitellius Germanicus shall be no more, by the day of the said calends.”

And, by the First of October, Vitellius Germanicus had been deposed, dragged naked through the streets of Rome and hurled to his death from the Tarpian Rock.

If what we do works, they have far more to fear from us than we would ever have to fear from them. Something to remember next time a law regulating psychics is proposed.


Happy Destroyer Day


Another Destroyer Day has come, the day we celebrate the coming of autumn, the dying of the world.

Destruction is in the air and all around us. The forces of Darkness prepare for their cold march from the North Pole to overwhelm the world. It is a time to celebrate all that sweeps the old away to make way for the new. A time to feed upon the pain of the dying world.

It is a time to go nuclear on humanity.

It is

Destroyer Day!

Free at last!


A few years back I got a real bad idea. I mean it was one of the worst ideas I ever had. I decided to make a little extra money by hiring myself out as a psionic mercenary. And I figured that if I made my price high enough that would weed out the trivial stuff and I could work on projects that I enjoyed and would bring in some profit at the same time.

Was I ever wrong!

Oh, I did a few jobs that were interesting and entertaining, mostly involving making life interesting for people the client did not like or keeping the client’s kid out of jail, but most of the requests were for the psionic equivalent of love potions. I got more people asking me to get back their ex girlfriends, or ex boyfriends or ex wives or ex husbands than I could shake a stick at. I know. I tried shaking a stick at them. And usually I tried to gently, at least as gently as possible, explain to them that the relationship ended for a reason and while psionics could do a lot, unless that reason was fixed it was a waste of time. That was pretty rough because the pain those folks had was real, very real. I know how real it could be.


It was a waste of my time as well and it took away from my doing what I wanted to do, research and teaching.

Well, the time has come to put an end to it. I no longer need the money. And given the state of my body the time is probably coming soon when money will be irrelevant anyway. I’ll keep working on the projects I’ve contracted for, that is only honest. But I will not be taking any new clients for the foreseeable future. Instead I will spending more time with my students, which is what I really enjoy. And I cannot wait to get back to full time research again. There is chaos to create.

And I won’t miss the psionic love potions at all.

Free at last! Free at last! Great ME Almighty! I’m free at last!

What is old becomes new.


Back in the summer of 1998 I was faced with a dilemma. I was going to go to a gathering of magicians and I needed a new gadget to show off. Well, I sputtered and I tinkered and I came up with the Psionic Cannon.

It was a pretty simple device. I took an old telescope and wrapped some wires and some magnet strip on it and hooked it up to a helmet and an audio amplifier to test it. It worked really good. And then came the time to demonstrate it, at the gathering picnic.

So I set it and the tripod up, hooked up the amplifier and helmet, and aimed it at a picnic grove full of senior citizens. At that point one of the folks at the gathering asked me why I was aiming it at all those innocent white people. I responded that it was because I could not find any guilty black people around. Ha ha.

Well, it took about 15 minutes and the senior citizens fled to their senior citizen bus, startling the circling buzzards, and it was great fun watching them scramble to escape because some of them were pretty decrepit and could hardly get into the door. Of course everyone at the gathering was impressed. Hell, so was I!

Well, after that I did a couple more experiments and then just sort of forgot the thing in the course of events, spending more time trying to visualize an airplane crashing into a skyscraper. Whoops! Ok, we won’t be doing that one again for a while. (I never dreamt…)

Well, last week I came up with an idea and the cannon is perfect for it. The only problem is that the tripod is a nuisance. It really does get in the way. And thus I made a couple modifications on the gun.

First, I took it off the tripod and mounted a pistol grip. Second, I orgonizaed the rear of it so now orgone is added to the information being fired out of it. And when I set up to use it I look like a character out of an old movie serial. Maybe I should find a cool name for myself and a henchstaff.

After all, a psionic supervillain needs a psionic superweapon.