Free at last!

A few years back I got a real bad idea. I mean it was one of the worst ideas I ever had. I decided to make a little extra money by hiring myself out as a psionic mercenary. And I figured that if I made my price high enough that would weed out the trivial stuff and I could work on projects that I enjoyed and would bring in some profit at the same time.

Was I ever wrong!

Oh, I did a few jobs that were interesting and entertaining, mostly involving making life interesting for people the client did not like or keeping the client’s kid out of jail, but most of the requests were for the psionic equivalent of love potions. I got more people asking me to get back their ex girlfriends, or ex boyfriends or ex wives or ex husbands than I could shake a stick at. I know. I tried shaking a stick at them. And usually I tried to gently, at least as gently as possible, explain to them that the relationship ended for a reason and while psionics could do a lot, unless that reason was fixed it was a waste of time. That was pretty rough because the pain those folks had was real, very real. I know how real it could be.


It was a waste of my time as well and it took away from my doing what I wanted to do, research and teaching.

Well, the time has come to put an end to it. I no longer need the money. And given the state of my body the time is probably coming soon when money will be irrelevant anyway. I’ll keep working on the projects I’ve contracted for, that is only honest. But I will not be taking any new clients for the foreseeable future. Instead I will spending more time with my students, which is what I really enjoy. And I cannot wait to get back to full time research again. There is chaos to create.

And I won’t miss the psionic love potions at all.

Free at last! Free at last! Great ME Almighty! I’m free at last!

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