Remember the Kalends of October

Tomorrow is the first of October, the Kalends in the system of old Rome and while it is normally celebrated as the traditional birthday of Atilla the Hun, a tradition I created, it is also the anniversary of a good lesson to all who would seek to prosecute psychics, or any other prosecutor for that matter.

From Suetonius:

“There were no persons he was more severe against than jugglers and astrologers; end as soon as any one of them was informed against, he put him to death without the formality of a trial. He was enraged against them, because, after his proclamation by which he commanded all astrologers to quit home, and Italy also, before the calends [the first] of October, a bill was immediately posted about the city, with the following words:—”TAKE NOTICE: [713] The Chaldaeans also decree that Vitellius Germanicus shall be no more, by the day of the said calends.”

And, by the First of October, Vitellius Germanicus had been deposed, dragged naked through the streets of Rome and hurled to his death from the Tarpian Rock.

If what we do works, they have far more to fear from us than we would ever have to fear from them. Something to remember next time a law regulating psychics is proposed.


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  1. Low Interest Says:

    Awesome site, how long have you been working on it?

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