As Christmas and New Years come closer most of us will be on the roads going somewhere, wishing we were home and warm and not particularly looking forward to seeing the people on the way. And there is one group of people whom no one wants to see except in their coffins–in-laws, er, no. Wrong post

The people no one wants to see except in their coffins are traffic cops.

Now, I think just about everyone who drives has this moment of paranoid imagination in which they just sort have this image in appear in their heads of looking the rearview mirror and seeing Satan’s Flashing Lights. Well, your Uncle Chuckie has a cure for that.

You see, the problem is that the image in your head can become an attractive thoughtform, actually bringing that horrific moment into physical reality. And there is no real way of preventing that image from coming into your head because the danger is there every time an honest person gets on the road with those vampires. What is to be done?

It is very simple. You cannot get rid of the image, but you can change it.

Here is what you do. Sit at home and let the image come into your mind. But then, when you see the flashing vampire lights, visualize a photon torpedo going from the back of your car into the police car behind you, exploding and filling the interior of the police car with flames that totally engulf the pig who becomes roast pork. That image is usually sufficient but you may want to add to the fun by seeing the flaming police car go spinning off the road to explode in a ditch at the side.

Work on this. Do it often enough that everytime the unwanted image enters your mind, it will be transformed from you being stopped to the cop dying in flame. Have it become instinctual.

Now, what will happen is not a literal explosion, fun though that may be. What will happen is that you will create a field of sorts around the rear of you car that will make any traffic cop who gets near it have an uneasy feeling that that is someplace he really does not want to be and he will back off into the distance and wait for someone less dangerous.

It really works and you will ever so much safer when you are on the road. It also works on drunks and tailgating truck drivers.

2 Responses to “Fahrvergnugen”

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  2. hex Says:

    So a friend recently told me that her boss who I had set a disruption pattern on drove her brand new car head on into a truck. Sadly the boss survived, but quit her job shortly after. A Merry Christmas indeed, thanks Uncle Chuckie! (The boss’ son got a rare horrible disease too.)

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