I’m bored!

The weather is unpleasant, not really bad but just uncomfortable enough that we do not want to go travelling tonight.

So I’ve decided to have some good, nasty fun and you all can join me. You will need a radionic box, a photo of yourself and a satellite picture of the US. You will also need a recording of laughter and the video of the funny man waving his stupid feather at a memorial service.

Ok, first set up the equipment with the photo of yourself in the transmittal side and the picture of the US on the receiving end. Take the rate to link what goes on in your mind to the minds of everyone in the country.

Now, play the video of the funny man waving the feather and babbling incoherintly while playing the laugh track in the background and let it burn itself into the subconcious minds of everyone in the country. tee hee hee.

It’s so much fun to be the bad guy.


3 Responses to “I’m bored!”

  1. Ben Szathani Says:

    If you have some spare time, please project your mind to the Korean peninsula while watching raunchy BDSM stuff. People here are still stuck with medieval sex morality and need a good spanking. lol

  2. drpsionic Says:

    I never thought of doing much with the Korean peninsula except to annoy the chia pet dictator. But what the hell, I’ll have to check the time zones.

  3. Ben Szathani Says:

    Korea/Japan Standard Time is 15 hours ahead of your time zone (Central Time Zone of North America). 1 pm in your time is 4 am in korean time.

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