Psionics Is Best

A few thousand years ago an Egyptoid scribe wrote a letter to his son explaining to him, in somewhat entertaining detail, why being a scribe was the best of all occupations of the time. Well, I’m going to give a few examples of why psionics is the best of all psychic things going right now.

1. It allows you to be respectable. You don’t have to run around in badly fitting renaissance faire costumes with a long beard and call yourself Lord Dimwit or Lady Roundbutt. Psionics people look like everyone else, usually a lot better.

2. You don’t have to fit into anyone else’ definition of their “tradition.” No one is going to tell you that X is psionics. Psionics is, quite literally, what we say it is.

3. And this is the best. There is no accountability, none. There are no rules, there are no laws. You are permitted to do anything you are able to do and you are answerable to no one. There is no threat of future punishment in another life. There is no punishment that can be applied to you in this one because if you know what you are doing any attempt at that will become very unpleasant for those foolish enough to try it.

Given the manifold advantages and benefits that psionics affords to the skilled practitioner, it really makes no sense to look to other approaches for guidance. For, with psionics, you can have everything that they can offer with much less work and none of the hassles.

4 Responses to “Psionics Is Best”

  1. hex Says:

    Damn straight. You tell ’em Chuckie!

  2. yar, I'm the booty master Says:

    I always knew that the Karma bag is just another control mechanism
    to keep us from succeeding in life and enjoying ourselves, just another take on original sin and the same B.S.- screw them
    Give’m hell Chuckie

  3. hex Says:

    Of course there’s a particular kind of idiot that could only exist on the internet, and that is the bleeding heart weirdo who’s concerned about the “free will of thought forms” and the unethical enslavement of said thought forms by magicians. WTF? I mean, okay so we don’t generally go around binding demons anymore, because if you have a prank that they like they’ll probably help you out, but seriously, what kind of vegan retard gets themselves in a huff over people bullying thought forms? I always encourage them to read your work Chuckie.

    • drpsionic Says:

      I think I just laughed so hard I broke something internally. There is only one way to deal with such and idiot and that is to laugh and tell him that just because he thinks something is unethical is no reason for anyone else not to do it.

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