Xotar Day

Look familiar? It seems that in early 1960 the artist who drew this for DC Comics had a psychic vision and saw me as an old man. I came home on this day and found the comic waiting for me and I had some sort of psychic bond with the character not realizing that it would be an image of me as an old man.

So who was Xotar the Weapons Master. He was a villain who faced the Justice League of America and only lost because the story was rigged so he would lose. But that isn’t important. What matters is that it was one of those things that set me on the path to becoming the psionic supervillain that I am.

So happy Xotar Day, and may all your weapons work.

One Response to “Xotar Day”

  1. hex Says:

    Hahaha! This is great! I always liked Magneto’s helmet which protected him from the psychic powers of Professor X, and of course Professor X’s own psionic amplifying helmet/computer Cerebro.

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