Blood and Souls for Uncle Chuckie!

This is one of those times that you cannot open your mouth without making a joke about Japan. And it is also one of those times when people wonder how I manage to get away with what I do. Well, the answer is simple.

Everytime there is a natural disaster, there is the public reaction of horror, sympathy, whining, the usual bullcrap. But, there is another reaction. And that reaction is to the bullcrap.

So along comes the Terrible Uncle Chuckie, who is more than willing to say what a whole lot of people would want to say if they were the Terrible Uncle Chuckie. And, as those people tend to be my fans already, I have no trouble being me because the folks who don’t like it have already thrown up their hands in surrender.

So, do civilization a favor. When you see the news out of Japan, have a good laugh and shout, “Blood and Souls for Uncle Chuckie!” You will feel ever so much better and be making me happy too.


One Response to “Blood and Souls for Uncle Chuckie!”

  1. Marcos Says:

    Hail. Uncle Chukie.

    Let the laughing beggin.

    Tsunami warning March 11 2011 #2 with very dedicated newscasters

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