Now to go to work!

We have had our fun and we have provided a necessary corrective to the whining and hand wringing about Japan. But now it is time to do some work in the Name of Uncle Chuckie.

What I am about to ask you to do is so out of character for me that many of you will think that I have taken leave of my senses. When I took up radionics, circumstances forced me to realize that the power used for healing could be used for killing. Now, I am going to ask my people to use the power that I have taught for killing–to heal.

We are uniquely qualified for this task, for unlike those who merely pray or do rituals, we do not send an amorphous, useless energy that just dissipates and does nothing. We can get in there, get blood on our hands and dirt on our boots and use that energy.

This is the task I set for you. To use remote influence, astral projection, whatever words you may call it, to go forth to Japan, to go among the injured and the dying, to draw from the nearly inexhaustible source of power that the Wiccans with their rituals, the Christians with their prayers and all the others have provided. Walk among them, unseen, unknown, presences maybe felt, maybe not felt. Lay your psychic hands on the sick and heal them. Lay your hands on the dying and raise them from the dead! Draw from that field of energy, channel it through your psychic body and put it into the subjects.

Do not expect to be seen, or even felt. Expect no gratitude, no recognition. This is not a “see how nice we are” feel good operation. It is going to be a trip to Hell. Expect to be sickened by what you will encounter. But remember, it is not about you. It is not about feeling good, or feeling virtuous or, gods forbid, feeling holy. It is about doing what must be done.

And so I send you forth. In the name of the Destroyer–Create! In the name of the Exterminating Angel–Heal! In the name of Uncle Chuckie, that the blood and souls may not be wasted.


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