So there were these three stockbrokers…

Once upon a time there were three stockbrokers on a desert island and they became very rich by trading their hats back and forth.

But of course when they got off the island…

One of my guilty pleasures is reading Christian conservatives. The reason is simple. For the most part they are pretty funny, with their absurd insistence of finding some story out of the Old Testament to illustrate contemporary issues. Never mind we don’t live in the bronze age anymore and we have a somewhat more sophisticated knowledge of the universe. But then if you read pagans, maybe not so sophisticated because they still think we live in the stone age or worse, want us to go back to it.

Anyway, where was I. Ok. The Christian conservatives seem to live under this bizarre illusion that somehow the broader culture cares what they think. Well, I have news for them. It doesn’t give a hoot in hell what they think unless it sees them as a threat. Seriously, look at the numbers. There are 30 million evangelicals, give or take a couple million in the US. There are about 20 million conservative Roman Catholics. That gives us a number of about 50 million, give or take a few million either way.

50 million out of a population of 315 million! Uh, what are these people thinking, charitably assuming that they can think at all?

Seriously, the question is very simple. Is it possible to find one person who is not in that 50 million who will perform an action because the Conservative Christians say that they should? Or conversely, is it possible to find one person who will refrain from an action merely because the Conservative Christians say that they should?

You know the answer. And they know the answer. It is the same answer Lot got in Sodom. Not one! Now how is that for an Old Testament example? And our cities still stand.

And they live in a dream world.


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