Let us leave aside the question of whether or not bin Laden was actually killed last week or had been dead a long time and a decision was made to kill off the bogeyman. Let us assume, for the sake of this, that he was killed by navy SEALS.

Let us realize that for the purposes of psychological warfare that was not the best way to do it. It would have been far better for him to have been killed by a large bomb, a cruise missle or a rocket fired from a drone. Why? Because all of those are mechanical, impersonal ways of killing. It is one thing to be martyred by the act of someone standing there, it is quite another to be killed by the push of a button. By killing that way we deny the humanity of the target and view him and those around him as the worthless pixels on a screen that they are. And killing everyone around him, especially his family members, is always a good thing. It sends the message that we accept no limits in our targetting.

There was only one problem with that. The track record of killing specific people with bombs and cruise missles is not a good one. You have to be sure the person is really dead and to do that someone has to look right at him and pull the trigger. So much as I would have liked for the compound to have been simply blasted to pieces from the air, this was the right course of action, even if meant that bystanders were not killed as they should have been.


5 Responses to “Bullets”

  1. hex Says:

    Of course you can always have the hit squad put a bullet in him for confirmation, and then after they leave quietly blow the compound up afterwards very publicly. Hilarious that Pakistan is grumbling about this, we should blow up half a dozen of their radical Imams and madrasas just for shits and giggles for holding out on us, as I’ve been hearing rumors that bin Laden with is a wealthy suburb of a major Paki city for at least the last 5 years or so.

    • drpsionic Says:

      Oh, I quite agree. I think everyone in that compound should have been killed and a large nuclear warhead dropped on it afterwards.

  2. hex Says:

    and of course as it put no money in my pocket, and I did not benefit from it in any way I view the entire affair as a tragic wasted opportunity. (For me.)

  3. oink Says:

    I disagree Uncle Chuckie. Leaving aside the fact that the CIA asset Osama bin Laden, AKA Tim Osmond, was already dead the highly scripted, fake killing was theater for the dumbed-down American populace. It was to keep up the facade and mythology of the high and mighty US of A alive. This keeps the people who could be protesting the illegal wars and invasions of oil bearing countries satisfied that there -was- a bogeyman so they can go back to their NFL games and PETA protests. Meanwhile, the CIA is employing zit faced kids with exceptional Nintendo\ x-box video game skills to pilot terminator drones and shoot hell-fire missiles into Pakistani weddings where ‘possible’ terrorist suspects ‘may be’ attending. BOOM! Bride, groom, granny, children, mom, dad, and Omar the goat herder all splattered with the cold thoughtlessness of zapping the last video zombie to ‘get to the next level.’ The people in the middle east know that the American Federal Empire thinks of them as insects and will not bat an eye when they push the button. The puppet show was for the stupid American public. So I disagree and I really must tip my helmet to that professional level of evil… though I’d give them pretty low marks for style. They don’t know how to dress like a real super villan. Have you seen how Kissinger dresses?

  4. drpsionic Says:

    Oh I think it was a puppet show too. But it was an entertaining one and this is what puppet shows are supposed to be. After all, wars do not have to be legal, they merely have to give us a chance to play with our toys.

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