It really is going to hell this time!

I truly fear for the Repbulic.

We have a President who is a well meaning incompetant, a nice enough person, a genuinely good man but who cannot lead his way out of a paper bag.

We have a Congress that is utterly useless, with the Republicans turned into psalm-singing morons and Democrats as worthless comic relief, all trying to play to their constituencies and the country can rot for all either party cares.

This is not a disaster waiting to happen. The disaster is already here.


2 Responses to “It really is going to hell this time!”

  1. Ha Ha Says:

    Yes, the puppets in the puppet show are made from slimy, malodorous, hole ridden socks stolen off the corpses of homeless winos. The puppeteers are deaf, dumb, blind, STD ridden crack whores with ADD. The average Ermerican has the brain and will power of the toe jam that is left on the wino’s corpse. Yawn. I can’t even laugh at the stupidity of it, anymore. I’d invite you, Uncle Chuckie, to take your own advice and repeat these magic words, “I don’t care.” Unless, of course, you’ve decided to take up a new hobby of herding hundreds of millions of sheeple. Baaaa! Mind control only works on critters with minds. In the meantime my question is how can I make it worse and profit $ from it at the same time?

  2. Bocatri Says:

    I don’t quite get what they’re fighting over, either- we’re over 30 trillion dollars in debt if you include what China owns, which proves that they’re even stupider than you mentioned- they’re fighting over a gaping black hole full of warring/homeless people that will be the state of the US in 2 years.

    I advise everyone to stock up on canned/preserved food and water- each container should be worth 1-2 whores by the year of 2015. It’s like Post-WWII Germany all over again!

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