Every once in a while…

One of the benefits of having fans is they occasionally do something nice for you. This was sent to me by one of them and how this person knew that the Gary Owen March is an old favorite of mine is a mystery. But it was written to be sung to it and so, I can’t resist sharing it. Have fun.

We kill the men who stare at goats
We burn researchers in their lab coats.
We crash their airplanes and sink their boats
Because it is in our power.

Chorus: We wear our helmets and turn our dials
We sit at consoles and work our wiles
And change the world psionic style
With Uncle Chuckie in glory.

We blow nuclear reactors up sky high
And see the bright glow lighting up the sky.
We laugh as millions of people die
Because it is in our power.


We create chaos and anarchy
We spread our madness from sea to sea.
We slaughter tyrants and set men free
Because it is in our power.


We make the lunatic Christians run
We spoil the crazy Islamists fun.
We pull our power from the Sun
Because it is in our power.



2 Responses to “Every once in a while…”

  1. Bocatri Says:

    This should be performed by a mind-controlled orchestra, and the guy singing should be the one controlling them.

  2. Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller Says:

    Dualshock 3…

    Thank you for the shares in this blog. I will visit it again….

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