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The Image


“And the incorruptible Professor walked too, averting his eyes from the odious multitude of mankind. He had no future. He disdained it. He was a force. His thoughts caressed the images of ruin and destruction. He walked frail, insignificant, shabby, miserable–and terrible in the simplicity of his idea calling madness and despair to the regeneration of the world. Nobody looked at him. He passed on unsuspected and deadly, like a pest in the street full of men.”

Joseph Conrad The Secret Agent


Good Night Irene


Once again the news media lives under the illusion that anything that happens on the East Coast somehow matters. Aside from the notion of New Yorkers in a panic over a little rain and wind (New Yorkers panic if someone sneezes) the whole thing is total comedy. Ok, not quite as funny over all the nonsense about New Orleans a few years back (let it wash out to sea, no one will miss it), but still pretty funny.

The only thing I feel bad about this storm is that it is not hitting on 9/11. Now that would be hilarious.

I’m old today


Seriously, I’m old. I’m 62 now, in the eyes of the state old enough to collect socialist security and medicare. It also means I am now too old to jump off of balconeys and do other stupid things.

So now I have to pretend to be all wise and ancient and boring.

Sure I do! And the Cubs will win the World Series.

Happy Survival Day


Nine years ago today my body tried to kill me. It failed.

The World has not been the same since.