I’m old today

Seriously, I’m old. I’m 62 now, in the eyes of the state old enough to collect socialist security and medicare. It also means I am now too old to jump off of balconeys and do other stupid things.

So now I have to pretend to be all wise and ancient and boring.

Sure I do! And the Cubs will win the World Series.


3 Responses to “I’m old today”

  1. Maria Says:

    My heartfelt congratulations, my dear Uncle Chukie, may your psionic power be all encompassing and your oceanic wisdom expand evermore.

    Your teachings completely changed both the approach to and the perception of the human existence for many thousands of people. Due to your generosity, bravery and delicious sense of humour all of us, your disciples, are empowered in the fine art of Shaping the Reality. Thank you very much for so much! We really love you!

    P.S.: It would be a real gift of yours if you could produce a few of your wonderfull videos in Youtube.

  2. Jalil Says:

    62? That’s nothing man. Don’t care about the eyes of the state. Silvio Berlusconi is 75 *almost 80* and he is still doing fun stuff.
    Jackie Chan is 57 *almost your age* and he is still jumping off of buildings, not to mention balconeys. Hugh Hefner is 85 and look how much fun he is still having.

    For gods sake don’t pretend to be all wise, ancient and boring. Instead pretend that you are max 50 years of age, fascinating,
    engaging and funny and write us some books.

  3. drpsionic Says:

    But I am all wise and ancient!

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