If I were a bad man…

One of the first rules of effective strategy is exploiting the weakness of the opponent. For example, Michael Jackson was guilty as sin, but the jury did not convict him of anything for a very simple reason. They did not want to be killed by his fans. On the other hand the case should have never come to trial because the prosecutor had nine kids. That was nine good reasons for him to drop the case. It was simply not properly explained to him.

Now let us say that your humble scribe were, after some mental failing on the part of the local Mafiosi, to be elevated to the rank of Capo di tutti Capo. How would he neutralize the crusading federal prosecutor? Well, it would take a few months but it would be pretty easy.

First, sacrifice a soldier. Let one of the lower ranks be indicted. And the day after the indictment let the city wake up to find the dead bodies of the members of the Grand Jury on the courthouse steps, in a nice, neat, headless row.

Now, the big question. Where are they going to get a jury that will bring in a conviction?

You see, it is very simple when you use your brain.


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