The Warrior of the Future

Oh that sounds so 1950s, doesn’t it? Well let’s see.

The Warrior of the Future is not going to be a soldier. He will not wear a uniform. He will not be driving around in a tank. He will not be sitting in a cockpit. The Warrior of the Future will be ninety years old, in his bathrobe. He will be fifteen years old in whatever fifteen year olds will be wearing at the time. And he will be nowhere near a battlefield.

He will be at home, in a recliner or laying on a couch. Oh his head a light headpiece plugged into a computer. And the computer will be logged into a site run by the Defense Department which will put the brain of the warrior into direct contact with a drone. He will fly the drone to the target, destroy the target and hit return. And for each successful mission he will get a certain number of points until he reaches the number where he gets paid. The face of warfare is changing before our very eyes and the time is coming where we will be able to annihiliate an enemy without risking the life of a single American.


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